"Properly managing the effects of a traumatic incident on your employees is not just a nice thing to do, it is a duty of care and simply good management” - Peter Horton, CEO Corpychcare

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Corpsychcare provides Employee Assistance and Critical Incident Response Programs for your business.

Currently we provide services for a range of organisations both in the private and public sector.

Employee Assistance Programs are designed to look after the mental health of your Managers and Employees and are staffed by qualified Counsellors and Psychologists.

There are a range of issues that people go through during their life with the potential to significantly impact work performance and overall functioning. Many of these issues will not be directly evident to the Employer. There are a mixture of work and personal problems including:


This list is not exhaustive but it does represent some common problems that we deal with day to day.


At times of growth or change, your business may benefit from Organisational Change Consulting or other forms of consulting.

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At Corpsychcare, we offer a range of Leadership and Management Coaching such as ManagersAssist to ensure that your management team are supported.

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We offer a range of counselling services from relationship counselling to careers counselling.

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We can tailor your service agreement to suit your organisation’s needs.

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To book for a session, please ensure that you have the requirements.

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If you are interested in building your career with us, please contact us.

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