> 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Corpsychcare is an organisation that will undertake to offer quality EAP assistance to Council to maintain a healthy working environment for your staff. Our EAP response service and EAP Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to Book a Session

There are 2 ways that employees or family members can make a booking:

> Bookings made during Business Hours

Our support staff are available during business hours for intake and triage purposes should any Council employees or family members wish to make a booking for a counselling session. Counselling session bookings can also be made through email, text and through our Internet Counselling Support service. Our aim is to create a user-friendly and easy to reach service that offers flexibility for each employee to use the service when needed.

> Bookings made after Business Hours

All after hours calls will be answered by our On-call practitioner. Our On-call will be alerted with the call by the same pager system that most emergency services are currently using. This is to ensure that the call is immediately responded to and action will be taken promptly. Likewise, Council employees and family members are able to use the Online Counselling Support service to make bookings as well during after hours.

>Training/Workshop Sessions

We are qualified and have many years experience in delivering workshops, seminars and information sessions relating to a range of health and well-being sessions including;

The following are additional services that will be provided to your organisation as part of the Services as listed in your Service Agreement. These services can also be included in your Service Agreement as a value added service:

> Online Counselling/Website Service (valued at $60 per session)

Our website will give clients unlimited access to the counselling service, online assessment tools, fact sheets and email support to your staff and immediate family members.

> Alcohol and Driving Education Training Sessions (4 hours per session, valued at $180 per person)

If requested, your staff may request a qualified Drink-Driver Education Facilitator/Trainer to train groups of Alcohol and Driving Safety. This course is a 4 hours and is based on the DHS Approved Drink-Driver Education Course. This course is designed to help staff members become aware of the consequences of consuming alcohol, the impairment of alcohol towards drinking, how to calculate standard drinks, how long you will have to wait to become sober and preventative measures to avoid Drink-Driving and prevent accidents.

> Trauma First Aid Course (2 to 4 hours per workshop, valued at $220 per person)

Developed by our subsidiary company Trauma Institute, the Trauma First Aid Course is a derivative of our Trauma Counselling Certificate. This course is designed to train Supervisors of how to deal with a critical incident and trauma within the first few minutes of it occurring before medical specialists and our Trauma team arrives on scene.

> Stress and Healthy Work Lifestyles Workshop (2 hours, valued at $20 per person)

The Stress and Health Work Lifestyles Workshop is a 2 hour presentation which presents different causes of stress, the implications of stress on health, explore ways to identify stress, how to manage and maintain a healthy stress level and to design your own Stress Management System.

> Alcohol and Drug Testing Workshop (includes 2 hours Facilitation only, valued at $180 per person)

If required, Corpsychcare can also provide training to Supervisors and OHS Managers to use Alcohol and Drug Testing technology as part of a new Alcohol and Drug Safe working environment strategy. We are also able to provide Alcohol and Drug Consultants to help your organisation devise a new initiative and strategy to keep the workplace free of Alcohol and Drug use.

> Trauma Support Group (6 x 1 hour Support Group meetings, valued at $480)

A newly developed initiative, your staff members are also able to attend Trauma Support Groups, lead by Trauma Counsellors to help staff members cope with trauma after a critical incident has occurred. Dependent on the situation or level of trauma experienced by the staff member, Trauma Support Groups can be arranged to help each individual develop trust and bond after an incident has occurred.

For more information, please discuss this with your Business Development manager or by contacting us here.





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