If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulties, you can contact us to arrange a private consultation. Our offices are based in Kew, Melbourne and we can be contacted on (03) 9095 7155.

Consultations can either be done at our offices or, by special arrangement at another location such as a home or office. Please note that consultations arranged at your preferred location may incur a travel charge.

Whilst our main office is based in Kew, we have a large network of consultants around Australia available in most locations. All consultations are strictly private and confidential.

We can help with a variety of problems including (but not subjected to)



  • Career and vocational issues
  • Occupational health issues
  • Workplace conflict and disharmony
  • Work related stress/Stress management
  • Preventative health and wellbeing strategies
  • Coping with organisational change
  • Management processes
  • Staff communication
  • Career Development
  • Balancing family and work responsibilities
  • Career change
  • Motivational issues
  • Returning to work from long-term leave/illness
  • Workplace bullying/harassment


  • Alcohol and other substance use
  • Anger management
  • Concerns about children or other family members
  • Depression, anxiety, mental health issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Carer responsibilities
  • Family and marital problems
  • Family violence
  • Gambling and other addictions
  • Grief
  • Health concerns
  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Relationship difficulties/breakdown
  • Self esteem


  • Team development
  • Individual or team behavioural problems
  • Attendance issues
  • Managing employees with personal/work-related issues or personal illness
  • Coping skills and strategies
  • Supervision skills
  • Pro-actively recognising signs of employees under stress and responding in an appropriate and supportive manner
  • Assistance with referrals to the EAP and other support services

We recognise that the sooner the issue is addressed, the sooner we can reduce the risks and severity of psychological stress.

All our current EAP and CI services are designed to promote a healthy mindset on well-being, self-help and self-development. Therapists use industry best practice and evidence based treatment methodologies based on principles of psychological first aid and solutions based holistic therapies.

Consultations can be arranged either privately or through a GP referral.

Contact us to confidentially discuss your needs. Please phone 03 9095 7155