What is EAP?

What is EAP ?


EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program. Organisations typically introduce Employee Assistance Programs because of three reasons:

  • The programs form part of an overall Occupational Health and Safety program and culture.
  • The organisation recognises that the mental health of their employees is important to performance and workforce productivity.
  • The program is seen as a benefit to staff aiding in the retention and recruitment of high quality personnel.

There are different types of EAP services and a variety of considerations as to how such a program can be introduced.

Prior to entering into Service Contract there are a variety of decisions that need to be made. These decisions help to define the overall parameters of the service and can be discussed with your Corpsychcare representative during initial scoping discussions.



We understands that trauma can occur anytime, anywhere and is always unprecedented. The levels of trauma that an event can cause the individual or people that have witnessed the trauma can range depending on their interpretation of the event and the aftermath.

Our Critical Incident response is developed to respond immediately with the affected team to reduce the risks of post-traumatic stress and other associated stress which may affect well-being and reduce normal functioning.

Many of our clients incorporate specific Critical Incident Response as part of their EAP program. These two types of service typically have different response times. For example EAP can only be accessed via normal business hours where as Critical Incident Response is available 24/7 using a special pager number.

Flexible Service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We will always respond via telephone within 15 minutes of receiving the trauma alert, or arrive at the critical incident or trauma site in person within 2 hours of receiving the call.

For Face-to-face counselling appointments, if immediate care is required, this can be arranged for the same day service, or we will require 48 hours notice.

For Telephone or Online Counselling appointments, this can be arranged for same day service or when convenient for the client.




Most programs allow for a variety of locations to be used for consultations including Corpsychcare offices, your own workplace or the employee’s own home.



Generally all staff are included as part of an EAP program however a decision needs to be made as to whether part timers, casuals, contractors or family members can also access the service.



Generally most organisations offer 3-4 sessions with the ability to request more by approval. In the case of a Critical Incident, sessions are more open ended given the nature of these events.

Contact us for more information or to discuss the above options in more detail (link to Contact us page).



There is a strict duty of care and confidentiality between someone who accesses the service and their individual counsellor. The name of the employee or their presenting problem cannot generally be disclosed to the company or their representative except under very specific circumstances including written consent by the employee.

Reports are generally provided to a company monthly together with an invoice for the previous months activities. You will generally receive that report within 5 working days following the end of the calendar month. The report will not disclose the name of any employees and in the case of small to medium size enterprises there may be other information deemed to be inappropriate to disclose due to risk of client identification.

Generally the reports are there to provide trend data on the types of problems being identified and whether or not they are work related. In all cases we determine if work performance is affected by the issue being discussed.

The reports are designed to provide information on the number of people accessing the service and to provide trend data in relation to problems being experienced in order that preventative programs be potentially introduced.